Making the move to the ultrasound technician career

An ultrasound technician career is not a job choice that many would even consider, but it is growing in popularity as people tend towards professions that can offer continuous security year on year, with a job always being available, no matter your location as long as you have the required qualifications and training.

More and more people are favoring the use of ultrasound procedures over radiology, which means there is a growth in the popularity of the field and an increased demand; this strengthens the job prospects even more with a good salary and a need for ultrasound technicians meaning there will be more than enough opportunities to find work, which given the tough economic conditions is a huge bonus.

What does an ultrasound technician career actually involve?

Many people may have heard of an ultrasound technician and even experienced them first hand on visits to hospital but are not exactly sure of their roles and what they do within their job. In fact you may find you know more about it than you think.

Key roles in an ultrasound technician career

The majority of the work that an ultrasound technician does is based around using sonography or ultrasonography equipment to examine a person’s body and generate images of them. Using both x-rays and magnetic resonance imaging the ultrasound technician is able to see inside the body by looking at the images created.

The role of an ultrasound technician is to analyze the results and spot any contrasts within the images that seem to be unhealthy. They use the images to analyze and make measurements to make a judgement and also then store them away to discuss with a physician later.

As an ultrasound technician the role is not only to do the procedures, but also to explain them to the patient and ensure they fully understand and to answer any questions that the patients may have. It is their job to get the patient in the right position for taking the images, which may in some cases involve directly helping of lifting the patient if they are unable to move or their movement is limited.

Whilst no procedures are taking place it is the duty of the ultrasound technician to ensure that the sonography equipment is properly maintained and that the notes and records for all of the patients are correctly updated and recorded.

Work location and hours of an ultrasound technician career

Over half of all ultrasound technician positions are located in hospitals, with the rest of them being in either local doctor’s offices, health care facilities and dedicated imaging centers.

The workload in an ultrasound technician career is fairly standard with usually about 40 hours per week. Obviously the amount spent directly with patients will vary but it usually forms a substantial part of the job.

How to get involved in an ultrasound technician career

As with any medical role there is a need to fulfill some in depth level of training before you can apply to become an ultrasound technician. You can find these either at hospital level, or other vocational location where you undertake a mixture of practical and theory learning which gives you on-the-job experience. Also available are a whole set of training schemes from Associate Degree’s to bachelor degrees, which you can find all over the country and there are even some opportunities to start your training online.

The job itself obviously has an element of helping others which for many is the reason why they join the profession and the chance to move wherever you wish and still find a position for you has its advantages. So if you are looking for a role where you have good career prospects and chance for advancement and specialization then an ultrasound technician career could be just what you are looking for.